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The FlipStand Standard is a lightweight, portable alternative to bulky, heavy laptop stands on the go. FlipStand folds nearly invisibly into the bottom of your PC or Mac. FlipStand deploys in about a second when you’d like to adjust the angle of your PC or
Mac’s screen and keyboard. Two angles ensure an always comfortable angle whether you are using your PC or Mac for graphic design or writing a paper for College. A strong magnet in the stand holds the stand in place when not in use.

  • The stand is incredibly thin at 3mm thick and weighs only 2.3 ounces, so your stand isn’t a burden on the go.
  • FlipStand is incredibly durable and strong it will hold up to 18 pounds.
  • The stand will work with laptops up to 15.6” in size and it has a strong yet non damaging adhesive built into the stand for easy installation that can be removed up to 100 times.

Available on backorder



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