Are you looking for laptop cases, laptop sleeves, or tablet cases? Tech Smart USA has designed and developed our own line of fashion laptop sleeves and tablet cases. In fact, more are being created every week, Tech Smart USA, via our EmbraceCase division, is nothing less than your go-to source for PC, MacBook and tablet cases. And with Tech Smart USA’s partnership with over 20 factories, we are capable of manufacturing and shipping new custom-crafted products within 30-45 days.

We specialize in value-add software bundles

Tech Smart USA is committed to providing our clients with well-rounded software and app bundles with wide appeal and solid customer recognition and is designed to be the perfect complement for every PC, Mac, tablet, printer, camera, and more. Each of our bundles is specifically- designed for the device with which it’s paired, and then thoroughly tested for compatibility and performance.

We are specialists in value-elevating software, computer services, and cutting-edge technology solutions. We are your source for leading industry software that allows you to enhance value to your hardware. With big brand software, we can elevate your product retail value while giving your customers an exciting gift with their new hardware purchase.

We make technology easy while providing class-leading USA based tech support for PCs, Macs, Tablets, Phones, and any smart device. Using remote technology, our certified technicians can turn your customer’s difficult experience into an opportunity to love your product.

With our in-house USB duplication system, we can bring excitement to your presentations, marketing, and promotions with a valuable USB that is customized to your brand.

With fulfillment operations that never miss, we can make sure your product reaches its destination anywhere safely and efficiently.

Our e-commerce background makes us the perfect partner to launch your product online. Start selling now with a helping hand. We offer customized solutions to get your brand known in the marketplace.

Bring your products to market in spectacular fashion. Our exclusive connections to prominent TV shopping networks can get your product seen by millions and sell like never before. With over 20 years of experience in launching products on air, we can help you navigate the sales process and bask in the bright glow of showbiz.

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Located in Lapeer Michigan, Tech Smart USA fulfillment operates out of its own warehouse. We are proud of our unique ability to provide top-tier distribution, dropship, and warehousing services for both our customers and our own exclusive branded consumer products.

Taking advantage of the industry standard in printing technology, our fully-staffed print shop is centered around two Xerox digital color presses and supported by a Xerox high speed black-and-white printer. Each serialized insert, brochure, digital download card, and DVD entrapment is printed by our experienced operators, ensuring the highest level of quality.

With a full complement of duplication equipment, Tech Smart USA is able to consistently process 15,000 USB Drives/SD/Micro SD Cards per day. Our ability to create superior software bundles and then duplicate, assemble, and ship them all from a single location has proven to be a method of significant success for our broadcast partners.

We are true dedicated to being the best. Tech Smart USA has worked tirelessly to earn its reputation as one of the world’s premier fulfillment centers. Using all of the vast resources at our disposal, we can currently assemble and ship daily, and are now implementing plans to increase units shipped per day. Our resolute commitment to accuracy and on-time shipping is unequaled, and something of which we are especially proud of.